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Anderas, Todd, and Bob at Flying Pig XXI

Flying Pig XXI Recap and Results | 2017

Todd and I drove out together to Indiana to run in the Flying Pig XXI last week, and had a great time. Courses were well laid out, fair, and fairly technical with lots of navigational change on the fly. In addition, we got to see a few new control locations like pits that we don’t have much in the Cuyahoga Valley. Here’s a breakdown of each race.

About Andreas

I am an action-oriented problem-solver, with years of experience in cross-functional, and cross-departmental work (both as a direct employee and as a consultant), and I enjoy finding effective win-win solutions to complex problems through effective group facilitation techniques.

Book Review | 1984

1984 | by George Orwell TLDR: We learn about the life of Winston, and his secret (or are they?) thoughts about Big Brother, fighting …

Books Read | February 2017

My partner sat me down the other day, and showed me how Overdrive works – free books, anytime, on my device, and all I needed was a library card! I’ve been crushing books since then… (for me, at least, who still haven’t finished “The Invention of Nature” I began last year. Here, then, are the books that came through the speakers and ear buds during my 90 minutes of commuting each day in February. It’s my goal to do this for each month, complete with commentary from me & a rating, and a TLDR (Too Long, Didn’t Read) summary.

On Responsibility

The expectations underlying the following responsibilities are that they will be taken seriously and will be translated into actions that produce desirable educational results in a context of mutual respect and consideration.