Here is a list of excuses that don’t work for me, and why:

  1. “I didn’t know…”
    • You didn’t ask the questions…
  2. “I never got the homework…”
    • You never asked for it…
  3. “I put it [ assignment ] on your desk…”
    • Everything you turn in should go in the in-box – just like it says in your syllabus!
  4. “I was absent…”
    • Absence does not allow you extra time, exempt you from assignments, etc.
  5. “I didn’t know anything on the test…”
    • You did not take my advice to study!
  6. “You never told us any of this…”
    • You didn’t read the assignments!
    • You didn’t take notes in class!
  7. “My Internet didn’t work last night, so I couldn’t do the stuff…”
    • You have access to a local library, right?
    • Don’t wait until 1:30 AM to do your homework!
    • Nordonia H.S. IMC opens at 7 AM, and I’m here at 6:30 AM, and I have some books!
  8. “I don’t understand…”
    • …then, ask some questions!
  9. “You weren’t in your classroom when I came to see you…”
    • Did you make an appointment to see me?
    • How long did you wait around? 5 seconds?

Most of the excuses have the same thing in common – the individual blames something or someone else, instead of taking responsibility!