E. Andreas Johansson, B.A., M.A.T.

Technology Integration. Blue Hat. Problem solver.
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. A smart creative. INTJ.

Johansson_Andreas        Google Certified Trainer

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About Me

I am an action-oriented problem-solver, with years of experience in cross-functional, and cross-departmental work (both as a direct employee and as a consultant), and I enjoy finding effective win-win solutions to complex problems through effective group facilitation techniques.

I have a passion for process implementation and improvement, and I’m constantly looking for ways to implement continuous improvement wherever possible. I have formal training in both project management and Lean Six Sigma methodologies (process improvement), and enjoy working with a team to fulfill a project vision. I look to the future in planning, and excel at implementing long-term visions and plans.

I thrive on working with others, opening doors for them, and mentoring both colleagues and students alike. I believe in servant leadership to all stakeholders – students, parents, colleagues, and community members. I have chaired multiple committees, and managed department budgets as well as direct reports. I seek out opportunities to mentor others, and to grow teams through collaborative work on curriculum, technology integration, experiential learning, and development of innovative opportunities.

As a global citizen of Swedish descent, I possess a broad worldview that serves me well in working with people from all places, respecting all backgrounds and experiences. I am an exemplary communicator, both in writing and in person, and have presented at many local, regional, state, and national conferences on various topics. I feel fully comfortable working with any size group, and have been a project leader, a departmental liaison, and team leader for groups of varying sizes.

I combine more than 10 years of experience integrating effective technology use with a keen eye for finding the right platforms and making them work for the end user. In addition to my strong abilities with technology, I am a certified Google Apps for Education Trainer, I’ve been an iPad user since day one, and work equally well on both Mac and PC platforms.

I am a constant learner, and believe in increasing my own professional and personal growth through continued education and training.

Short Biography

Andreas Johansson was born and raised in Sweden, and moved with his family to the United States in High School. He brings this unique cultural perspective to his approach to education as he strives to merge the different world-views that shaped his own experience. Andreas is a non-traditional educator in that he entered the field only after having worked in the private industry.

After a few years in a cubicle, Andreas went back to school to earn his Masters degree in teaching from Kent State University so that he could pursue his passion for education.

Andreas lives in Tallmadge with his wife Jaelithe, a freelance copywriter and editor, and their two children, Emelie and Oskar. He enjoys spending time with family, hiking in the outdoors, and working around the house.


Technology integration, place-based education, experiential learning and teaching, educational technology consulting, professional development, staff development, curriculum adaptation, creative teaching solutions, unique learning experiences.

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