About Andreas

I am an action-oriented problem-solver, with years of experience in cross-functional, and cross-departmental work (both as a direct employee and as a consultant), and I enjoy finding effective win-win solutions to complex problems through effective group facilitation techniques.

I have a passion for process implementation and improvement, and I’m constantly looking for ways to implement continuous improvement wherever possible. I have formal training in both project management and Lean Six Sigma methodologies (process improvement), and enjoy working with a team to fulfill a project vision. I look to the future in planning, and excel at implementing long-term visions and plans.

I thrive on working with others, opening doors for them, and mentoring both colleagues and students alike. I believe in servant leadership to all stakeholders – students, parents, colleagues, and community members. I have chaired multiple committees, and managed department budgets as well as direct reports. I seek out opportunities to mentor others, and to grow teams through collaborative work on curriculum, technology integration, experiential learning, and development of innovative opportunities.

As a global citizen of Swedish descent, I possess a broad worldview that serves me well in working with people from all places, respecting all backgrounds and experiences. I am an exemplary communicator, both in writing and in person, and have presented at many local, regional, state, and national conferences on various topics. I feel fully comfortable working with any size group, and have been a project leader, a departmental liaison, and team leader for groups of varying sizes.

I combine more than 10 years of experience integrating effective technology use with a keen eye for finding the right platforms and making them work for the end user. In addition to my strong abilities with technology, I am a certified Google Apps for Education Trainer, I’ve been an iPad user since day one, and work equally well on both Mac and PC platforms. I am a constant learner, and believe in increasing my own professional and personal growth through continued education and training.

Let me know how I can add value to your team. I am actively seeking new employment, inside and outside the field of education.

Visit my LinkedIn Profile here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/eandreas/

Connect with me directly via email [ e.andreas.johansson ( at ) gmail.com ] or call me (330) 328-1181.