Gap Analysis and SWOT Analysis

I’ve conducted multiple gap analyses before, for various projects. Most analysis models follow the same framework in that they analyze the current state, then examine the desired future state, and last how to fill the gap, so to speak, between what is now, and what is wanted later. I find it helpful to start with the visioning first…

Reflection on My Social Justice Journey

I was going to write about the complete mess the East Ramapo school district seems to be. Clearly, a beautiful example of where democracy isn’t working for all students… But I won’t. I’d like to share a personal story instead.

What I Value Most – A Reflection

I am a very private person. While it might not seem that way on the outside, I am fully aware of my introvert nature, and attempt to compensate for my flaws in order to function within and among multiple cultural and social groups.

On Probability & Frequency of Distribution

When describing the normal distribution as an underlying distribution of events in a sample, the researcher is really describing the probability of any given number or event to take place within the distribution itself.

On Correlation vs. Causation

Using linear regression techniques to accurately predict a score on a selected distribution of scores is tremendously helpful to K-12 educators, especially central office personnel.

Review of | Impact of Parenting Practices on Adolescent Achievement

This study examined the impact of “authoritative parenting, parental involvement in schooling, and parental encouragement to succeed on adolescent school achievement” (Steinberg, Lamborn, Dornbusch, & Darling, 1992) on a sample of 14-18 year olds, over a period of two years, where data were compared and correlated between sets.

On the Standard Normal Distribution

The idea of standardized testing has many people confused in general, especially in education where students in K-12 are required (at least in the State of Ohio) to sit for annual exams in various subjects including language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science. The resulting scores from these tests are standardized, and normalized against all other scores among the sample population (in this case, all students in the State of Ohio). Many have mixed feelings about standardized testing, but most likely do not fully understand what a standard score actually is.

Batch commands for GAM on Mac OS

I use the GAM tool a lot to make updates to the Google domain at Streetsboro – it let’s me do things faster, and more efficiently that hitting each user in the domain admin panel. But, using a Mac brings its own issues, and while I could get a PC for this, I’ve just figured out how to do things on the Mac. Here’s how I run batch commands (to update hundreds of accounts in one go).