Assumptions about Education and Technology

There are lots of assumptions regarding technology and students, and technology in education in general. Oftentimes, they’re wrong, or based on so little data that it doesn’t make sense to even assume it in the first place. However, and typically so, the loudest assumptions often gain traction regardless of their factual content, and this is one of the areas I struggle with daily in communicating with staff and community regarding what we’re trying to do, or what we’d like to do in the future.


What Will You Do With It?

“Your move, Fancy Pants! This is checkers, not chess.” – Emelie, 6, recently at the kitchen table. I’m often asked for advice …


It’s all possible!

Here’s from an old not I found while cleaning out a bag the other day. Can’t remember where from, or from what kind of event it was, but probably some form of reflective activity at the end of a day.


Regarding the Metric System

Lord Kelvin, in 1884, explains it best… “You, in this country, are subjected to the British insularity in weights and measures; you …