QuickRoute Johansson Green North Chagrin 1NOV2015

Orienteering – The Trick-O-Treat at North Chagrin

It was off to one last orienteering event with NEOOC this fall (too bad there aren’t more…), this time in the unbelievably beautiful North Chagrin Reservation. Just driving there was a treat, with road names like Strawberry Lane, and Buttermilk Falls Pkwy. And the autumn leaves were on full display, a last hurrah before winter’s grip in a few weeks. Read on for more…

Google Classroom Header

Google Classroom: An Introduction

I was asked to present about Google Classroom for the GCCTM Fall Mini-Conference this weekend, and of course I obliged. I have never done a Google Classroom presentation before, but have used it plenty, and felt fully ready to highlight the main features, answer any questions, and make it a worthwhile session. Read on, for slides and links…

Pygmy Goat Andreas Johansson 5 SEPT 2015

Orienteering – The Goat @ Kendall Lake

A few weeks back I volunteered to help run the Goat event with NEOOC (my orienteering club) as a starter. Turned out we were doing a mass start either way, so I found myself busy with registration, helping folks get ready, starting a few white course runners, and explaining the format. And then it was my turn…

Stream junction...

Control Pickup as Training Session

I volunteered to pick up a few controls after the Python Goat event a few weekend’s ago, and got my assignment for which controls to grab. They happened to be controls on the part of the course I didn’t run, so I took my time in navigating to each one, paying particular attention to the finer details of the map, or micro-orienteering, that I normally would during a race.

orienteering control

Orienteering at Hinckley

It was a great day at Hinckley, with a course that offered lots of up and down, but fun legs navigating over both creek beds and some nice contour lines. The course type was score, and with no pre-printed maps, we had a slight advantage to spend some time with the map, planning a possible route…

Huge Ice berg of arch

Tip of the Iceberg

Remember – what you see, is only the tip of the iceberg. There’s lots below that either drives that iceberg, or supports it, or makes it able to shine.

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 8.17.38 AM

Is she dead?

I get frustrated, just like everyone else at times. But I’ve learned to let go.